The brewing three-way feud between Lil Durk, NLE Choppa and NBA YoungBoy has come to a boiling point after the latter seemingly kicked things off a few weeks ago.

Lil Top escalated the tension on Thursday night (January 21) by posting a pair of photos to Instagram in which he’s lying down amidst a massive stack of cash. The dollars in the photo can be seen strewn out to spell “you n-ggas gone die,” and then “stay safe.” On Friday (January 21), Durk seemed to respond on Instagram to NBA YoungBoy’s taunt.

“Hurry y’all bitch azz up,” Durk spelled out in dollar bills on a stairwell in his post. He is seen in the photo covering his face with even more cash, and in the caption wrote, “We Color blind but we still see red,” which fans think could potentially be in reference to YoungBoy’s Colors project that dropped on Friday.

The impending beef triangle between the three rappers all started when NBA YoungBoy dropped the songs “Know Like I Know” and “Bring The Hook.” On the former, the Top rapper supposedly took aim at NLE Choppa, while on “Bring The Hook,” he insulted Chicago’s “O-Block,” seeming to put Lil Durk in his crosshairs. Durkio initially responded to his diss on Instagram, writing “Don’t claim it if you ain’t do it you still a bitch.”

As for “Know Like I Know,” fans theorized the song’s lyrics were about Choppa because YoungBoy rapped, “I don’t give a fuck how you treat your body, give a fuck bout your cleaning,” seemingly jab at the “Capo” rapper’s holistic lifestyle.

“I bet your momma would be destroyed, n-gga, when we send your stupid ass to God for makin’ statements/Choosin’ sides about my beef with them lil boys. I can say I saw it, you can say I was your favorite, n-gga/Better stay up in your place bitch, fuck around get your face split,” YoungBoy rapped on the track.

The song was dropped after Choppa made comments following a fight with a YoungBoy fan at the airport. The “Too Hot” rapper was caught on camera landing a punch on the fan, but also tripping over himself in the process.

“It’s a difference from getting hit and falling then fighting in flip flops and falling on yo own,” he wrote following the fight on Twitter. “I fell throwing a punch Ian get hit til I was otw down [crying laughing emojis] and my backpack 20 pounds. Buddy lip swole everything I through connected. My whole ankle rolled I got ice onnat how rn.”

Regardless of where this beef is heading, at least YoungBoy fans get new music out of it.

Listen to Colors below.