Wack 100 has colorful opinions on anything and everything, but when he called Master P “broke” in a recent Clubhouse conversation, he faced more than one person who disagreed. After all, the No Limit Records CEO is a self-made millionaire with the portfolio to prove it. On Friday (January 21), Master P appeared to address Wack 100’s comments, which included “he don’t have 20 percent of Nick Cannon’s net worth.”

Taking to his Instagram, P shared a clip of his October 2021 interview with Cannon for The Nick Cannon Show in which he talks about his journey from poor Louisiana native to wealthy business mogul.

As he says in the video, “A lot of people don’t realize there’s three type of people in this world. It’s poor people, it’s rich people, and it’s wealthy people. The poor people — all they talk about is money; ‘Where my money at? I need my money, I gotta get my money.’ The rich people, all they talk about is things. So they talk about my car, my house, these type of things. The wealthy people talk about ideas — and that’s what it’s about.”

He added in the caption, “@nickcannon is my brother from another mother. We’ve got a lot of love and respect for each other. We discussed this a couple months ago the three types of people: poor-minded people think and talk about money, rich people collect material things and wealth-minded people produce ideas that create success. The Bible says our people perish from lack of knowledge. As a culture we have to stop comparing, self-hating and tearing each other down. Let’s educate and empower the next generation. #GODisGOOD #BOSSUP #WESTRONGERTOGETHER.”

Wack 100 originally explained how he surmised Master P was in financial ruin, saying, “First of all, he don’t own his masters, they took them eighteen years ago. You think this n-gga be selling noodles? The feds took his catalog, bro. Nick Cannon got real money, for real. Real, real money. I’m like, ‘How is [Master P] talking to this n-gga about what he doing and you ain’t nowhere in place, my n-gga.

“You can’t even stand with this man on a bad day. Who is you, bro, to be telling this n-gga about his business decisions and your business decisions ain’t been right for damn near 20 years!?” He also argued, “P ain’t never been Baby. P has never in his life had the kind of money Baby had” when someone tried to compare him to Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

Wack 100 Rips Master P: 'He Don't Have 20 Percent Of Nick Cannon's Money ... Ain't Never Been Baby'

Wack 100’s conclusion about Master P’s net worth comes nearly two decades after he allegedly lost his master recordings. In 2004, Master P pleaded guilty to tax violation after failing to file a corporate tax return for one of his ventures, Bout It Incorporated. But since then, the No Limit founder has launched several lucrative endeavors, including Master Crunch Cereal, Uncle P’s and Rap Snacks.  In 2021, Forbes listed Master P’s net worth at around $200 million after he signed an unprecedented distribution deal, released numerous multi-platinum albums, sold over 100 million records worldwide and expanded into the grocery business.