Snoop Dogg Delivers His Death Row Chain To Eli Manning
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Snoop Dogg Delivers His Death Row Chain To Eli Manning

A few days after Snoop Dogg promised Eli Manning he would gift the two-time Super Bowl champion his own Death Row Chain for his birthday, Snoop has made good on his promise.

The pioneering gangsta rapper made the promise during an appearance on the Manning’s MNF on ESPN: Peyton & Eli show on January 3, taking the brothers by surprise as he unveiled it.

“Eli, I would like to present to you this Death Row chain for being so Hip Hop and being so Hip,” Snoop said. “That’s yours, baby. When I see you, you got that. I’m going to put that around your neck. Happy 41st birthday Eli.”

Both brothers were shocked by Snoop’s generosity, but Eli Manning confirmed in a video posted to social media on Monday (January 17) the chain did, in fact, arrive in the mail.

“Oh yeah, there she is, that’s what we’re talking about,” Manning says as he opens the box in the video. “Snoop, thank you pal, now I finally fit in with all of my neighbors. So I’m definitely going to be wearing it in the playoff game on Monday Night Football.”

Aside from gifting Eli Manning his chain, Snoop Dogg also spoke on the January 3 show about his upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance alongside Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, which Snoop said will be a historic moment for Hip Hop.

“We so thankful that the NFL is accepting Hip Hop on stage and letting us do what we do,” Snoop said. “We plan on putting together a great show to give the people something that they been waiting on.”

He added, “You know, they love to watch a Super Bowl game but at the same time at halftime, we be loving to see who’s going to perform. So we’re going to give you the greatest performance you’ve ever seen Hip Hop history.”


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