Julio Foolio has a word of advice for those abiding by street code. The Jacksonville rapper took to Instagram Live on Wednesday (January 5) to offer his thoughts on whether those involved in shady dealings should be honest with their family about their lifestyle.

The 23-year-old started by using himself as an example. “If I die right now, my mama know. I’m a good-hearted person but my mama know like I’m in the streets like, I know the consequences, like these, man. N-ggas know what’s going on in the streets man.”

He went on to say he feels it’s unfair and confusing for people to be misremembered as a “good person” when they die if in fact they were “a demon” doing illicit things behind everyone’s backs. “Make sure your parents know how you living bruh,” Foolio said in conclusion. “Cause when you die your mama gonna be confused think you were a good-hearted person…[when] it was the total opposite.”

Foolio himself is trying to learn from his past behavior. The “Play With Me” rapper originally made a name out of himself for name-dropping dead enemies in his music, but recently called this behavior “childish” and said he’ll stop after his next album.



“After my tape drop on the 3rd I’m done dissing dead opps and shit,” Foolio tweeted. “That shit childish I’m leaving all that in the past.”

The tweet came after Foolio had taken a brief break from social media for most of November following his involvement in a drive-by shoot-out on November 7. At the time, Foolio hopped on his Instagram story to show off his grazed bullet wound, and taunt his assailants.

“Y’all missed a whole 100 shots literally,” he wrote with a laughing emoji.

Foolio returned to Twitter on November 28 to tweet out the December 3 release date of his newest project Controversial Thoughts, which features Hotboii, SpotemGottem and Blueface.