San Fernando Valley, CA

Blueface and his entourage were accused of brutally beating a bouncer at Skinny’s Lounge in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday (September 12) and now, there’s video evidence.

TMZ obtained surveillance footage of the brief but potent altercation, which shows Blueface stomping on the man once he’s down. Meanwhile, his crew lands a few good jabs to the face while the man struggles to stay on his feet.

At one point, one of Blueface’s friends pulls the man by his leg and drags him around the floor as they continue to kick and beat him. As the “Thotiana” rapper turns around to leave, he decides to go back and slap the guy on his face to make sure he’s either conscious or still alive.

The altercation allegedly started after the bouncer asked Blueface for identification. Witnesses at the scene said Blueface told the bouncer he was a famous rapper card and when he didn’t recognize him, the Los Angeles native Googled himself to prove it.

After he was refused entrance, the brawl erupted inside the entrance of the club, and the bouncer had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was treated for bruises and several scratches that required sutures.

Blueface Accused Of Bouncer Beatdown After Trying To Prove His Celebrity With Google

Law enforcement sources received a report of a fight at Skinny’s Lounge shortly after midnight local time and learned one person had been hospitalized with minor injuries. They are now investigating the crime as a battery case.

Blueface participated in his first match at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in July where he won against TikToker Kane Trujillo. But it looks like his quick hands (and feet, in this case) could potentially come with some legal consequences.