On Friday (December 17), PNB Rock was asked by Tee Grizzley to come over to his crib and grab “a new cologne” he had picked out as a gift for the Philly rapper.

When PNB arrived, he found out that the cologne was actually just a fat stack of cash.

“Hey man, I just pulled up on my geyser, and he came through man, gave me new cologne’s and shit,” PNB said in the video as he held up a Neiman Marcus bag. He puts the bag down and removes the tissue paper only to see it’s actually a wad of $10,000.

“This my brudda!” PNB calls out.

“Yessir,” Grizzley replies. “That’s what we smell like.”

The gifted dough was to celebrate the release of PNB Rock’s new EP2 Get You Thru The Rain. The project dropped on December 8 and features Lil Baby, Young Thug, and DJ Luke Nasty.

Rock also celebrated the release of his new EP by crashing his Rolls Royce on Friday as well. PNB was backing the car into his driveway when he hit the gas a bit too hard, slamming into what he claimed was a house. “If you can’t take a loss you ain’t no fuckin boss little n-gga,” he captioned the video prior to the crash.

He then added, “I damn near knocked a whole fuckin house down,” followed by multiple laughing emojis.

“Big P, man. I got the biggest chain in the game, man,” Rock brags in the clip. “This shit a fucking ornament, n-gga!”

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“Soulja Boy, what’s up, man?” he continued. “I’m the first n-gga that came — this one of your auntie’s muthafucking ornaments on the counter, n-gga. Big drip.”

Soulja Boy has yet to respond to the “Selfish” rapper, but T-Pain’s 2009 “Big Ass Chain” might be the closest contender. The chain weighs over 10lbs and was made from yellow and white gold and included 197 carats of diamonds.

Check out the music video for PNB Rock’s latest single “High” below: