Boosie Badazz is one of the most entertaining rappers in Hip Hop. Fans can’t help but watch him on his social media channels or comment on something he’s done. Most of his antics are funny, but some also rub people the wrong way, and Boosie likes to let people know he’ll continue to do as he pleases.

On Thursday (December 2), Akademiks shared a post on his Instagram page of Boosie doing things by his own accord again, and fans are commenting on a specific violation. In the video, Boosie is seen wearing a black Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity jacket with a big smile across his face.

For those who don’t know, wearing the clothing of a Greek organization while not an actual member is not allowed but it looks like Boosie really doesn’t care.

“Check this out, and I know I look good in this jacket,” Boosie said as he adjusted the jacket to fit him comfortably. “Remind me of the great Dr. Martin Luther King. I need whoever do the best stroll with this jacket, we gon have an award for y’all. Y’all go do the Run It Up challenge, and it’s big, bro.”

Fans were up in arms on social media over Boosie wearing the jacket from the historically Black fraternity, and he was getting dragged for committing the crime.

“Ok Alphas do NOT engage that n-gga boosie… you will give him what he wants… attention and then you will give that bullshit life.. do not repost it and don’t comment.. ignore him like the child he is..Fraternally, Fall 01 #December4th #AlphaPhiAlpha,” wrote one fan.

Another said, “I ain’t showing my Dad that pic of Boosie in that Alpha Line Jacket because he gon’ get to fussing and cussing about lukewarm Frat members.”

Last year, Boosie did the same thing when he wore a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity sweater, which ticked off the actual members. Boosie apologized but wanted the fraternity to do the same.

Boosie Badazz Apologizes For Wearing Kappa Sweater But Wants Apology From Frat Members

“I apologize to ’em, but I need some [apologies] too because they talking ’bout they shed blood for this,” he said. “They got people in my DMs talking like they built like me. Like they talking gangsta. I’m like bruh, it ain’t that serious. I don’t wanna do nothing witchu. My bad, dawg.”

Check out more reactions to Boosie wearing an Alpha Phi Alpha jacket below.