DJ Akademiks nearly had a meltdown on Tuesday night (November 16) when his Instagram page got taken down. The social media personality couldn’t figure out what was going on with his page as he scrambled to cover all the news he was missing out on.

One person who enjoyed every minute of Akademiks’ stressful situation was Freddie Gibbs. The Alfredo rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday (November 17) to ridicule his Internet rival, sparking another back-and-forth between them.

Gibbs reacted to Akademiks’ Instagram account being taken down by tweeting, “Shit!” along with a crying face emoji.

Akademiks returned in the evening to announce his Instagram page was back up while accusing Gangsta Gibbs of being responsible for his temporary social media struggle. According to Ak, Gibbs “snitched” on him and he wants “no more smoke” with such a character.



“I got my Instagram back… they said that @FreddieGibbs snitched on me … but I beat the case,” he wrote. “Freddie I don’t want no more beef with u. U literally police.”

He continued, “From here on out.. @FreddieGibbs I’m telling u .. u tweet at me it’s silence… u snitched on me to instagram.. u got it. U out internet me bro. Call J Prince .. cuz I don’t want no more smoke with u. U win. Just stop telling please.”

Akademiks couldn’t have seriously believed his diss was going to go unanswered. Freddie Gibbs responded right back, calling Ak a “pussy” while reiterating the word “snitch” doesn’t apply to him.

Freddie Gibbs and Akademiks reignited their long-simmering beef last month when the ESGN boss threatened to beat up the podcaster when he next runs into him while goading him to post the footage online, just like he does with other moments of violence in rap.



Freddie Gibbs Warns Akademiks Not To 'Lose [His] Life' As Twitter Beef Heats Up

Akademiks responded by calling Gibbs an “internet gangsta” and mocking him for not seeking revenge when he was shot at in New York back in 2014. The Bandana MC fired back by warning Ak, “Last time U lost your job don’t lose your life trying to make a point that u can’t prove.”