An online war of words between Freddie Gibbs and Akademiks erupted in June 2020 following Gangsta Gibbs’ interview with Bootleg Kev in which he called Jeezy musically “irrelevant.” The former Everyday Struggle host fired back and said, “If Jeezy is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs, you are absolutely irrelevant as well.”

That led to a contentious exchange between the two that included threats of violence and playground-age insults. Now, it looks like the dormant beef has been revived. On Saturday (October 30), Akademiks posted a video of Kay Flock and Ron Suno exchanging blows at Rolling Loud New York.

Gibbs retweeted the video and wrote, “I hope you post it when I run into you,” insinuating he’d have a few hooks for Akademiks if he ever saw him in person.

Akademiks replied, “U still tweeting? U could came to find me already gangsta.” But Gibbs claimed he gave him a pass by not showing up at his interview with No Jumper. 

“I coulda been smoked akademiks,” he wrote. “His hoe gave me his home address months ago. The n-ggaz in LA he was with last week was not gon protect him if I walked in that no jumper interview. I know all of them. God got bigger plans for me but when I get bored I’m back on yo ass. On VL.”

Gibbs was met with, “Well stfu about shit u aint finna do,” to which he responded, “I be letting a lot of n-ggaz breathe the Lord’s good oxygen and they will wanna pop like they not privileged.” From there, he told Akademiks to “Go DJ,” a reference to his Twitter handle.

It’s been 10 months since Akademiks and Gibbs traded shots. In December 2020, Akademiks announced the demise of Everyday Struggle and further explained why during an extensive Twitch session, pointing to the Chrissy Teigen incident in which he called her a “bitch” and his online back-and-forth with Gibbs as being contributing factors.

Freddie Gibbs Comes For Akademiks: 'Gimme All My Flowers Bitch'

Gangsta Gibbs then shared a clip of Akademiks talking about his previous suspension and wrote underneath it “N-gga got fired.” When Ak says he never wanted to be a Complex employee, Gibbs reminded him, “But U are an employee bitch n-gga. They told U to shut the fuck up boy.”

Since then, Akademiks has launched his own podcast called Off The Record, while Gibbs secured a Grammy Award nomination for Alfredo, his 2020 collaboration with The Alchemist.