Soulja Boy made his triumphant return to The Breakfast Club on Friday (November 11) and Big Draco let it rip for about 45 minutes. Of course, Soulja Boy made sure to address his brief feud with Kanye West, which was squashed earlier this week with a text message truce.

“That whole process of working and doing the song, I just had to sit back for a minute and be like, ‘Man, he got a lot going on.’ I like Kanye though,” he said around the five-minute mark. “All geniuses are crazy… When it comes to Kanye, it be all over the place. After we spoke, I just felt like, ‘Oh okay, he don’t mean no harm. This didn’t come from a place of ill intent.'”

For those who haven’t followed along, Kanye West initially recruited Soulja Boy to work on Donda‘s “Remote Control.” When Soulja sent his verse over the summer, Ye complimented Draco’s work but then went on to diss the verse during his Drink Champs interview. Soulja Boy’s contributions were cut from the final version of “Remote Control” heard on streaming services.

Soulja Boy wished Kanye was just upfront with his critique so they could work on the song more instead of telling him it was good and then dissing him behind his back.

“You gotta learn how to communicate at the same time. You can’t just be holding that in. You definitely can’t be telling somebody this is a great piece of work, but in your head like, ‘I don’t really like this.’ You can’t hurt my feelings because I know my shit is hard. Who the fuck is you to decide if the song hard or not. Put the song out on the album and let the people decide.”

Big Draco then stood up and raised his voice while calling out Kanye for not leaving him on the song. He even went on to diss 2013’s genre-shaking Yeezus in the process.

Kanye West & Soulja Boy Squash Beef Over Missing 'Donda' Verse

“Kanye you dropped the most trash shit, n-gga you never dropped a trash song in your life,” Soulja Boy asked. “So that muthafuckin’ Yeezus album wasn’t trash… You called me for a reason, n-gga… You ain’t in the streets like me, you in church. You in divorce court.”

However, cooler heads did prevail as Soulja Boy is still open to working with Kanye West on another song if he did give him a call after Ye apologized in a text message earlier this week and called him a Top 5 most influential rapper ever.