Soulja Boy wasn’t too happy to discover he’d been taken off Kanye West‘s Donda when the album hit streaming services by surprise on August 29, and he’s been letting Kanye know exactly how he feels about it.

The SODMG boss has repeatedlydissed Mr. West for removing his verse from “Remote Control,” calling him everything from “lame as fuck” to a “bitch ass n-gga.” He even taunted Kanye by insinuating he was the first rapper to hook up with the mother of his four children, Kim Kardashian.

But during his appearance on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast on Thursday (November 4), Kanye West broke his silence and fired back at Soulja Boy in brutally efficient fashion.

When asked by N.O.R.E. why Soulja Boy’s “Remote Control” verse was left on the cutting room floor, Kanye replied, “You ain’t hear that verse?”

N.O.R.E. answered, “No,” before realizing seconds later what Kanye meant — at which point the room burst into laughter. “The verse wasn’t good?” N.O.R.E. followed up, to which Ye replied, “Nah,” sparking another chorus of laughter.

Soulja Boy previewed his unused “Remote Control” verse on Instagram shortly after Donda‘s release, writing “Fuck Kanye” in the caption.

Despite leaving him off Donda, Kanye West still had high praise for Big Draco, who he crowned as one of the most influential rappers of the modern era alongside Future.

“Soulja Boy is top five most influential, and I’m not going to argue with you n-ggas about this at all,” he declared. “I tell you what, though, Soulja Boy is the future. Future the future. There’s a couple of people.”

This isn’t the first time Kanye West has shown love to Soulja Boy. During his beef with Ice-T in 2008, in which the West Coast OG accused the “Crank That” rapper of “killing Hip Hop,” Kanye surprised many of his fans by siding with Soulja Boy.

“Soulja boy is fresh ass hell and is actually the true meaning of what hip-hop is supposed to be,” he wrote on his now-defunct KanyeUniverseCity blog at the time. “He came from the hood, made his own beats, made up a new saying, new sound and a new dance with one song. He had all of America rapping this summer. If that ain’t Hip Hop then what is?”

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Soulja Boy has yet to respond to Kanye West’s Drink Champs comments, but considering he made it clear just a few weeks ago that he won’t be apologizing, don’t be surprised if Big Draco unloads more shots at Mr. West.

Watch Kanye West’s entire Drink Champs interview below, in which he also discussed his relationship with JAY-Z, DaBaby and Marilyn Manson’s controversial Donda cameos and why signing Big Sean to G.O.O.D. Music was “the worst thing” he’s ever done.