Soulja Boy was incensed in August when he realized his contribution to Kanye West’s Donda album had been nixed.

Not long after the project dropped, a fan asked the “Crank Dat” rapper what he thought about the project, to which he tweeted, “IDK how to feel, Kanye sent me that song ‘remote control’ and I don’t hear my verse on it…hmm fuck that n-gga.”

From there, Soulja Boy continued to rag on Ye for the omission, calling him all kinds of insults — from “bitch ass n-gga” to “bitch.” But Soulja Boy has no regrets, at least according to his recent sit-down with DJ Akademiks. While speaking to the media personality for the Off The Record podcast earlier this month, Soulja Boy made it clear Kanye would not be getting an apology.

“I ain’t apologizing for shit,” he said. “I don’t really know how to feel. All I wanted was an explanation. I feel like I got played…But it’s all love, with time passing and shit like that it ain’t like I’m on some ‘I hate this n-gga Kanye blah blah.’ Didn’t he make it look like I was gonna be on there though?

“I ain’t even call it trolling bruh ‘cause it was real. I just had to speak my mind and let a n-gga know, don’t be doing no shit like that, bruh.”

As typical for a Kanye West album, the rollout was undeniably messy. After holding not one but three public listening parties (two in Atlanta, one in Chicago), the album still didn’t materialize. But as producer Mike Dean explained, each one provided Kanye the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and make necessary edits. Some of those edits include cutting specific artists from the project.

Chris Brown also got axed from the album, which upset him as well. Upon learning he wasn’t on the final product, he had a few choice words for Kanye. On August 29, the same day Donda was finally uploaded to streaming services, the 32-year-old R&B singer posted (and then deleted) an Instagram Story with the caption, “Kanye a whole hoe.” He followed up with another Instagram Story that read, “Nah he tweakin.”

Soulja Boy Has Some Harsh Words For Kanye West After He's Removed From 'Donda' Album

But Soulja Boy took it to a whole other level in another Instagram video, saying, “You weird, n-gga. What the fuck you talkin ’bout n-gga? Pussy ass n-gga. How many times I been at the studio with your ass? If we recording in the muthafuckin’ studio and the songs ain’t coming out, obviously you stealin’ my shit. What the fuck you talkin’ bout bitch ass n-gga? I don’t give a fuck about no Kanye.”

Frequent Kanye collaborator Consequence later said the G.O.O.D. Music president planned on using Soulja Boy’s verse on a deluxe version of Donda. Shortly after Soulja Boy’s rant, Cons reshared a meme with a man whispering in Soulja Boy’s ear and the words, “Kanye was gonna drop the Remote Control remix on the deluxe.” While that has yet to materialize, Soulja Boy did share the deleted verse on his own social media.

Check it out below.