cambodia – The Grimes, Vol. 1 is here.

The sophomore offering from Cambodian artist SONGHA arrives a year later he made his official debut in Take What You Need. This time around, SONGHA goes for the maximal approach, collaborating with his fellow labelmates at Baramey Production and expanding the album’s sonic palette, spanning multiple genres, from hip hop to electronica.

Inspired by Hollywood’s immersive atmosphere and eternal allure, SONGHA treats The Grimes, Vol. 1 as a cinematic event and takes complete control as producer, singer, and songwriter. Compared to his debut’s lean feature list, the 15-track The Grimes, Vol. 1 is a highly collaborative project, which includes features from Sophia Kao, Sreng, All3rgy, YCN Rakhie, Mut Phearin, Punleur Koa, A-GVME, YCN Tomie, VannDa, Meezy24k, GV Lux, Hasha, KWAN, YCN Dizzy, Juvie Lin, Nunkay, Daniel Omens, J8D8, and Rxthy.

Last week, Baramey Productions debuted the Hollywood-inspired album teaser, featuring all nineteen Cambodian artists involved in the project. The ambitious album includes previously released singles such as “Anxiety” with YCN Rakhie and the “Mastermind” featuring YCN Tomie and A-GVME (Dash Game), which channels the classic 1972 film The Godfather.

In more direct nods to Hollywood, SONGHA titled two of his tracks “Corleone” (after Al Pacino’s The Godfather character, Michael Corleone) and “Johnathan Wick,” named after Keanu Reeves’ titular character in the hit John Wick franchise. 

Watch SONGHA, VannDa, YCN Tomie & More Star In Hollywood Blockbuster-Inspired Teaser For 'The Grimes Vol. 1'

To support the album’s launch, SONGHA premiered the video for “M0NS00N,” featuring VannDa.

Stream The Grimes Vol. 1 below: