Kid Cudi is an artist that loves to spread messages of positivity, but the roles were recently reversed for him when someone else had some kind words for him.

On Tuesday (October 19), Kid Cudi was sitting courtside taking in the Los Angeles Lakers game where LeBron James and company took on Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. During a timeout, cameras caught Adele walking up to Cudder and had some words to say to him that left the Man on the Moon smiling.

The visual drove fans crazy on social media, and they wondered what the two were saying to each other. Kid Cudi saw his mentions blow up and decided to explain to his fans what happened.

“A lot of people askin what she said,” Cudi tweeted. “Ill never tell, but it was the sweetest thing anyone could ever say to u from one artist to another u see im melting w joy. She is the best! love her.”

Kid Cudi and Adele weren’t the only big-name celebrities at Staples Center opening night. Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather, Jack Nicholson and more were in attendance to watch Steph Curry take down LeBron James in their first matchup of the season.

Despite being happy to have met Adele, Kid Cudi was involved in a bit of controversy with Steph Curry. During the game, Steph Curry took a shot but landed in the front row. When he got back up, Steph slipped and tweaked his knee.

Footage from the incident shows Kid Cudi sitting right where it happened, and fans instantly blamed him for spilling his drink on the court. Cudi jumped on Twitter to deny any wrongdoing and instead blamed fans a few seats down from him for the spill that caused Steph to hurt himself.

Kid Cudi Pleads Innocence After Being Blamed For Steph Curry's Scary Slip During NBA Game

“To Steph Curry. Im so sorry U slipped it wasnt me. Good game chancho,” he wrote. “These people a couple seats down from me. People kept walkin in it and it spread. Shit was everywhere. I put my drink under my seat off the floor to SPECIFICALLY avoid this situation. So yea. Thats the real.”