The Kyrie Irving situation has been a hot topic of conversation for sports fans heading into the NBA season. The star point guard remains unvaccinated which means due to New York City law he cannot play in home games this season.

The Brooklyn Nets sent Irving away from the team and won’t allow him to rejoin until he’s eligible to be a full-time player, meaning he’s either vaccinated or the city’s laws change.

Uncle Luke chimed in on the matter on Thursday (October 14) drawing a comparison between Kyrie Irving’s decision to women and their bodies when it comes to abortion rights.

“If women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies why can’t Kyrie,” he pondered.

The 2 Live Crew leader’s mentions were immediately filled with angry responses to Luke drawing a false equivalency between having an abortion and an NBA player’s vaccination status as it pertains to a virus that has reportedly killed over 700,000 Americans.

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“The best analogy to explain the vaccine debate is the banning of public smoking back in the 90s,” one follower wrote. “The government decided after studying second smoke that individuals have a right to smoke that just don’t have a right to do it in the presence of others bc it can cause disease.”

As for Irving, time is running out until the regular season begins as the Brooklyn Nets tip-off their season in a playoff rematch on Tuesday (October 19) against the defending NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks.