Chicago, IL

King Von was murdered outside of an Atlanta hookah bar last November, kicking off a string of shootings that would claim the lives of several rappers, including Mo3 and Lil Durk’s brother DThang.

Like clockwork, professional troll and sometimes rapper 6ix9ine is always on social media ready with a disrespectful and ill-timed comment.

On Sunday (August 8), a King Von tribute mural was erected in Chicago’s infamous O’Block neighborhood, a day before what would have been his 27th birthday.

Only The Family label head Lil Durk took a trip to O’Block to pay his respects to his late friend and labelmate, which instantly caught 6ix9ine’s attention.

Par for the course, the “GUMMO” rapper hopped in Akademiks’ comment section and brought up King Von’s alleged killer Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim — although he misspelled his moniker.

“Lil Tim put that man on on a Damn Wall,” he wrote. “Smh… he’s been on several T-shirts .. hats… he’s just a Diamond chain now… he really said ‘if I was to die my n-ggas gon’ slide every day.”

Lul Tim was one of five people who were either killed or injured in the November 2020 shooting. As Lul Tim was in the hospital recovering, Atlanta police charged with him the murder.

“Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound,” Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker said at the time. “The homicide of [King Von] is closed with this arrest.”

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) classified the incident as an officer-involved shooting after two off-duty and one on-duty Atlanta police officers attempted to intervene in the shootout.

As for Lil Durk, he has since vowed to stop rapping about the deceased in the wake of Von and DThang’s murders.

“I’m not mentioning the dead in my songs no more or performing songs with they name in it…… – big Smurk,” he tweeted on August 3. “Von left us Dthang left us and I was lost.”