CHIKA has climbed her way from viral Instagram rapper to Grammy Award-nominated Warner Music Group signee over the last couple of years — no small feat. Apparently, a promoter looking to capitalize on her fame hired the 24-year-old artist to host a Black Pride event at a West Hollywood club on Friday (July 2).

But the event didn’t exactly go as planned and CHIKA accused promoter Brandon Anthony of shady business practices via Twitter, which has since erupted into a full-on war of words. On Saturday night (July 3), CHIKA shared a tweet featuring a photo of the flyer with her face on it, a screenshot of Anthony telling her to “grow tf up” and the people “was not there to see yo ass anyway” and several other allegations.

“This is why I don’t fuck with the industry,” she captioned the post. “Keep disrespecting me, it’s gonna get physical. I’m from Alabama, bitch don’t play with me. Offered me 2K, no complimentary bottles, I paid $1600 for the tab, they didn’t play ONE song of mine, but played like 5 of guest’s (kehlani).”

Kehlani quickly came to CHIKA’s defense and tweeted, “I came as a friend to support Chika & one of the DJ’s. Using her image, name and likeness for the face of the event while treating her like this during and after. me and all the homies stand with you Chi that wasn’t cool.”

CHIKA also clarified in the comment section, “Btw, this has nothing to do with lani. She isn’t responsible for dickriders. It’s the n-gga running the event. He has now blocked me and limited his comments on both pages. I’d report it for fraud.”

Rather than attempt to pacify the situation, Anthony threw fuel on the fire and tweeted a string of derogatory comments in CHIKA’s direction until CHIKA became a trending Twitter topic.

“My comments been limited before your comments,” he claimed. “So do your research. I don’t care about you. Never did. The club was packed before you stepped yo heavy ass in the building. We actually needed the space. So you didn’t have to show up.” He added in two separate tweets, “One thing about me…I WILL REMAIN UNBOTHERED. Go in the study and get a number one hit. You lost your wallet and your mind.

“One things about me is I never gave a fuck about you being there. It was because no one else cares who you are. So I gave you roses. Sorry you felt a thorn.”

CHIKA fired back, “One thing is nobody knows who the fuck you are and the fact that you CLAIM to not care about the person you USED to PROMOTE an event that’s YOURS screams, ‘I’m a fraud ass pussy ass, woman abusing ass gremlin.’ That wasn’t the flex you thought it was, stupid.”

Before all hell broke loose, Anthony initially tried to chalk it up to a miscommunication, but CHIKA wasn’t having it.

“Let me be VERY clear,” he said. “Any one that knows me, knows that I ALWAYS put my patrons, invited guests, host and performers first. I am not going to allow certain individuals tarnish my name because of a simple miscommunication, to which CHIKA replied, “Miscommunication, boy shut your lying ass up.”

From there, it got even more vicious. Behind the scenes, Anthony was private messaging CHIKA, calling her “CHIKA FAT STICKS” and saying her “music sucks.”

She explained, “Yo short ass tried to hug e 3 times and got denied and that’s the thorn YOU felt. Let’s not re-write history from less than 24 hours ago, broke boy. And do you wanna addressed assaulting a black trans women AT A PRIDE EVENT? AND WHILE I AM TWEETING UR IN MY DMS RIGHT NOW SENDING SHIT LIKE THIS CUZ YOU DONT WANT THAT ASS DRAGGED BY THE PUBLIC.”

Seemingly fed up, CHIKA bolded stated, “this is me, chika, with my full chest, soliciting a crime over the internet. somebody pls jump him. thanks. lapd, y’all know where to find me. and i hope you have a reason to.” Although several of her fans implored her to take the tweet down, it’s still riding as of Sunday afternoon (July 4).

At the end of the day, CHIKA feels there is a bias when it comes to her and believes nobody would’ve have treated some of her peers this way.

After someone tweeted, “It’s absolutely wild to me how much disrespect black women have to shoulder. And It feels like only OTHER black women see it??? Cuz erbody else will surely find a way to spin it as ‘not that bad’ or like we makin shit up. Just kno we see you Chika. And we kno the shit is WHACK,” to which CHIKA replied, “Let’s not even try to make this a solidarity moment cuz they would never do this to Cardi, Meg, Saweetie, Latto, Lizzo, Coi Leray, Rapsody, etc.

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“This is specific to ME. And a lot of those black women actually never say shit. We not in this together. Y’all respect the black women y’all either wanna fuck or who have the ‘billboard hits’ to ensure they are treated kindly. That’s it and that’s all. Let’s just put it all on the table. The only big female rapper who have EVER publicly stood up for me is Cardi. And we all see it, they just quiet. This issue isn’t a black woman issue. THEY get THEIR flowers.”

After dozens of tweets, CHIKA ended her diatribe by saying she was signing off Twitter for awhile.

“it’s midnight,” she said. “i’m taking the rest of today off to enjoy my life. It’s been fun. drag that swine for filth in my absence. love y’all.”