Chika can often be found on Twitter engaging in spirited debates about a myriad of topics. On Saturday night (February 6), the Warner Music Group signee wound up discussing female versus male rappers and the blatant sexism that comes along with the music industry.

In one of her tweets, the Alabama native replied to a fan who said, “Women aren’t allowed to be mediocre… not in rap… have to be a frickin monster just to even get a chance.”

Chika agreed and wrote, “exaaactly. we can’t slack because we’re already at a disadvantage since hip hop is male dominated. meanwhile, blueface literally farts on the mic each and every time, and can exist in the genre with no problem. show me the female him with and equal amount of success.”

The 23-year-old lyrical spitfire promised “that’s not shade. it’s a fact.”

When someone tried to defend Blueface and suggest his ability to make money off of vacuous raps was an inherent skill, Chika responded, “This is a misogynist take. the women rapping about their pussy can stay on beat & you’re comparing them to someone who lacks the #1 skill required to be a rapper. you don’t see a problem with that?”

Another person hopped in the conversation and said there was “no way” anyone could suggest YoungBoy Never Broke Again would have a better verse than Megan Thee Stallion or Doja Cat to which Chika said, “period!! and I love seeing black people thrive REGARDLESS but 80% of the male rappers who are successful can’t hold a match to the women’s bars.”

The Industry Games MC is also not convinced there are more talented male rappers than female rappers. When challenged with “there are MORE skilled Male rappers than Female rappers,” she fired back, “No there aren’t. Especially in today’s market. if you’re talking of all time, sure. but that’s like saying there are more rich white people than black people. duh. y’all both had the advantage and headstart.”

The female rappers versus male rappers debate went on for hours on Chika’s Twitter timeline but as she mentioned, “rap is rap. and with the fact statistically broken down by ‘gender’ the women in hip hop are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the men when it comes to technical skill. not that we’re better, there’s MORE of us. Densely packed spitters.”

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But that doesn’t mean Chika is going to put anyone on game. When asked what other women rappers were spitting flames besides Rapsody, Tierra Whack, Noname and Chika, she said, “don’t exist to put y’all on. if you want to find them, broaden your horizons. not trying to be rude, i promise.”

Check out more of the debate below.