The Verzuz showdown between Soulja Boy and Bow Wow surpassed expectations, delivering one of the most entertaining battles in the platform’s history. As fun as the show was, though, it almost didn’t happen after Soulja Boy got into a bit of a security issue. 

On Monday (June 28), footage circulated of Soulja Boy arriving at the venue with his SODMG crew. As they got closer to the entry point, security prevented members of SODMG from entering, and Big Draco was not happy. 

“Check this out, I don’t know who you could tell, but if they don’t let my artists in, I’m about to leave right now, and there won’t be no live or no event,” Soulja said in the video.  

Someone off-camera asked if the guests had wristbands for the backstage area, and Soulja demanded that his guests be let in. Another person said everyone had to enter through the front of the venue, but Soulja pushed back again, saying they were going to the dressing room with him. 

Security finally opened the barricade, letting the “Crank Dat” rapper and his artists through, but they ran into more trouble when they were denied entry again. Soulja shouts that he’s done and advised Verzuz to go down with just Bow Wow, but thankfully that didn’t happen, as Soulja ended up getting inside.

One of the night’s highlights came from Drake, who chimed in on the comment section of Verzuz’s Instagram Live. When Soulja performed “We Made It,” Drizzy said he would’ve come to the event had he got an invite from Big Draco. 

“DRAAAAAAAAAAKE?!?? He shoulda hit me I Woulda Popped out for this on god,” Drake wrote.