For his latest studio album, Whole Lotta Red, Playboi Carti took his time to craft what he felt was the best project he could’ve put out. To help him achieve his vision, the Atlanta native had a list of creatives that included 23 different producers to help execute his vision. But according to Playboi Carti, Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s contributions were the most significant.

During his conversation with Cudi for Interview Magazine, Carti gave a shoutout to the respected Hip Hop visionaries who helped him with Whole Lotta Red. When Cudi asked the 24-year-old what Kanye brought to the project, Carti said he realized how much he admired the Chicago legend.

“Kanye is the OG,” Carti said. “He opened my eyes to some shit. When I got around him, I realized why I love him so much. You get what I’m saying? When I get around you, I realize why I love you so much.”

Carti thanked Kanye for also opening the connection to Cudi, saying, “I even appreciate Ye for introducing me and you. Being able to talk to somebody who understands what I’m saying, I got that from his whole camp. I felt that energy from everybody he deals with. I didn’t feel like a loner. The world I’m trying to build, he already got it going on. Ye is on this king vamp shit. Cudi is on this king vamp shit. Y’all already on that.”

It’s unclear what “king vamp shit” is or what the lifestyle contains. But if Carti says Kanye and Cudi are the godfathers of it, then it’s possible the lifestyle is all about expression and being yourself in a society that wants you to conform to its beliefs.

Kanye and Cudi weren’t the only ones receiving praise from the Whole Lotta Red rapper. Lil Wayne got a nod from Carti for inspiring him to freestyle all his raps when Cudi asked Carti how he develops his unique vocal style.

“I’m right there in the moment,” Carti told his “M3tamorphosis” collaborator. “Everything is freestyle. Shout out Lil Wayne. I use whatever I bring with me that day.”

Lil Wayne Inspired Playboi Carti To Freestyle All His Raps

Carti continued, “If something is stressing me out, I’ll come to dish that. If I’ve been hanging around my street, I’ll make street shit that day. No matter the vibe of that day, that’s how I come.”