After taking a lengthy hiatus, Kid Cudi made a strong comeback with his seventh studio album, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen. He earned a No. 1 album on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart with it, dropped two sneakers with Adidas, announced a clothing line and is now ready to sign artists to his Wicked Awesome label. But it looks like there are two more things Cudi is holding off on.

Cudder announced a concept album and Netflix series called Entergalactic in 2019 and although it was expected to come in 2020, he released the finale to his Man on the Moon trilogy instead. Fans thought Entergalactic was coming this year following Man on the Moon III, but someone with a keen eye may have figured out that isn’t the case.

An image of the preview page for the series surfaced online, showing 2022 as the new release time frame. The screen capture left fans wondering what the new plans were for the rollout. Cudi had previously said he would release the album alongside the first season, noting it would be a soundtrack and companion piece.

A fan asked Cudi why Entergalactic was dropping in 2022 and he responded as bluntly as possible.

“Becuz that’s when it drops,” he tweeted. “I just gave y’all an album y’all gotta chill and be patient fr man I’m not doin an album every year.”

There’s no other word on what the album is going to sound like, but in the case of the series, it is expected that Cudi will serve as a writer, actor and executive producer. Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and his company Khalabo Ink Society will executive produce alongside the Cleveland native.

Kid Cudi Takes Credit For Starting The Skinny Jeans Trend As He Readies His Own Clothing Line

As he makes fans wait even longer for Entergalactic, Cudi made a confident claim when responding to a person on Twitter on Tuesday night (January 26). After announcing he will be dropping the first set of pieces from his clothing line this summer, a fan tweeted that the Grammy Award-winner already created skinny jeans. Cudi caught wind of the tweet and doubled down on the claim.

“No lies here, ” he tweeted back.