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Offset won’t be first in line to take Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. On Saturday (December 12), the Migos rapper told TMZ he’s planning on passing in regards to the vaccine, highlighting a recent photo of four Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine volunteers who developed Bell’s Palsy.

The FDA acknowledged those volunteers were diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, but there was no conclusive evidence to link the vaccine to their temporary facial paralysis. Still, it’s enough to completely turn Offset off in regards to the vaccine and add to his genuine mistrust of the government.

“I don’t trust it,” Offset said. “I just don’t wanna be the test dummy. Do something to help the Black community in real life. Put in some policies to help us. A lot of the government shit I don’t be thinkin’ is for us period.”

When asked whether former president Barack Obama’s willingness to take the vaccine would influence Offset to take the vaccine himself, the “Walk It Talk It” rapper highlighted the discrepancies in treatment for celebrities and politicians versus everyday Americans.

“In reality, we blessed,” he said. “Certain people in certain opportunities get certain things. Like, what’s that politician who had that brown shit running down his face? Guliani? He just said he had celebrity status for his COVID-19 treatment. So I think a lot of that happens in real life. If I go to the hospital here, they’re going to admit me fast, they’re going to get me faster than a normal person. So I wouldn’t do it myself. I wouldn’t wanna do that shit because people ain’t got what I got. That ain’t fair.”

Offset Blasts Snoop Dogg's Critique Of Cardi B's 'WAP' Without Dissing Him

Offset has been articulate about a number of issues recently, including defending his wife Cardi B’s chart-topping single “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

After Snoop Dogg revealed he wasn’t a fan of the mega hit, Offset stepped up with a response for the D-O-Double-G.

“She grown,” he told TMZ. 

“I don’t get in female’s business so I’m just gonna stay at that and I hate when men do that. Because I don’t do that. I don’t care if a girl would’ve said something bad about me, you know what I’m saying? I just don’t get in female business; I’m grown — I’m from the South, though. So maybe the rules and laws is different.”