Chicago, IL

A JAY-Z fan managed to sneak onto a plane heading to Los Angeles without a ticket in an effort to meet the Roc Nation boss. According to the Chicago Tribune, Yaazmina Payton was arrested for felony criminal trespass after she evaded airport security and boarded an American Airlines flight to LAX in Chicago on Sunday (November 8).

Payton, 23, told authorities how she pulled off the caper following her arrest, revealing how she pushed past a security gate while Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers were distracted. Payton also managed to get by another security checkpoint without raising suspicion.

The JAY-Z fan was ultimately caught when someone spotted her ducking under ropes at a boarding door in Terminal 3 of O’Hare International Airport. A ticketing agent was informed about Payton’s illegal entry onto the flight, leading to her arrest.

American Airlines told The New York Post, “The flight departed to LAX after law enforcement searched and cleared the aircraft for departure.”

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Payton said she was trying to get to Los Angeles to see Hov. Her court-appointed attorney noted she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety disorder.

The TSA is conducting an investigation into Payton’s security evasion, which could take up to 90 days to complete. Payton was released on $500 bail, but she’s been banned from O’Hare International Airport.