Kanye West wanted to produce 2 Chainz’s upcoming album So Help Me God in its entirety, but the two couldn’t make it happen. In an interview with Complex, 2 Chainz explained why the collaboration didn’t pan out while teasing a future LP produced by Yeezy.

“He wanted to do the whole project, but I’m dealing with trying to get out of my contract with Def Jam,” 2 Chainz said. “He’s been someone that’s been loudly voicing contracts and things of that nature. He’s still going to produce an album for me, and we’re still going back and forth, but it’s just the time of me wanting to put it out and be done because he has a thousand things going on in his place.”

Although Kanye didn’t handle all of the production on So Help Me God, he’s still involved in the album.

“He has something to do with this project, but I don’t want to spoil that alert,” 2 Chainz noted. “Originally, he’s been talking about doing every song. We just have to come up with something that works for both of us because his time and my time is just different.

He added, “But let it be known that it’s going to happen, whether it’s this next project or the one after. It’s a whole Tity Boi and Kanye West project, produced by Kanye. Let’s just say that.”

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2 Chainz also revealed a new release date for So Help Me God, which is the follow-up to 2019’s Rap Or Go To The League.

After originally being scheduled to drop in September, the project is now set to arrive on October 30. According to the defecting Def Jam rapper, the delay was due to sample clearance issues.

“Fans probably can’t relate, but artists can relate all the time,” he said. “What’s happening is a lot of the artists who can’t afford it, a lot of them got taken advantage of in a few different ways. When we go back and dig in the crate and use the samples from artists that are still living, they try to cash out on the replays or re-dos of their project. So we have to come up to an amicable split to where they’re happy with somebody using it.”

Stream 2 Chain’s Lil Wayne-assisted “Money Maker,” which serves as the lead single for So Help Me God, below.