Yung Miami boasted about her lavish lifestyle in a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday (October 20). The City Girls member ranted about her riches after social media users suggested she was the target of Nicki Minaj’s “bitches stuntin’ in them hand-me-down bags” line from Sada Baby’s “Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix).”

“Baby daddy stay putting me on jets taking me shopping spending whatever on me it’s never a limit ion do consignment or used items!” Miami tweeted. “Y’all must’ve got me confused with the next bitch!”

She continued, “Never ever wtf I look like if it ain’t new I don’t want it and that’s down to my cars! I have a g wagon & a Bentley every Chanel bag bitch don’t ever play with me I buy cars for my sisters and brothers big house wtf I look like buying something off a bitch!”

Miami’s wrath was apparently aimed at an Atlanta-based artist named Charlie Xile, who insulted her via Instagram.

“I wanna violate this bitch boy so bad but imma chill cause y’all can bully but when I bully back y’all be crying,” Miami wrote via Twitter.

She added, “Wtf is 10-18k on a bag that ain’t shit Smirking face summer birthday party was 70k.”

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Charlie Xile took credit for upsetting Miami, reacting to her remarks on Instagram Stories.

“Caresha blocked me so I can’t tag her, but it was literally just slight shade/a joke,” Xile commented. “I thought she could handle it since she always hanging around the gays and shading ‘us.’ I didn’t think she was gone take it all personal and go TF off on me, if I threw slight shade LOL.

Xile apologized for using Nicki’s lyrics but suggested Miami was being too sensitive.

View the posts below.