Jay Electronica actually did something fans didn’t think he’d accomplish in 2020, release a full-length album in A Written Testimony. However, the album fans have been waiting more than a decade for in Act II: Patents Of Nobility found its way online Saturday (October 3) in full.

The much-delayed album had been in the hands of Just Blaze and Jay Electronica to the point where a tracklist for the album was shared way back in 2012. At the time, the guestlist for the album included Kanye West, JAY-Z and Diddy among others.

Of the tracks which were on the original Act II tracklist in 2012, only “Shiny Suit Theory” made its way onto A Written Testimony. The leaked version of Act II contains not only “SST” but also “Road To Perdition,” “Life On Mars” and “Better In Tune.”

Jay Electronica Was So Moved By Nipsey Hussle & Big Sean's Song That He Left The Studio When He Heard It

Being moved by records is nothing new for a Jay Electronica fan. However, the New Orleans MC found himself stepping away from the studio after hearing Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle’s “Deep Reverence” record earlier this year.

“He dropped in one day and he listened to one song that me and Hit-Boy produced for Big Sean that features Nipsey Hussle,” G. Ry, one of the producers of the track told HipHopDX. “He listened to that song and he was just like, so mind-blown. He was like, ‘This is amazing. I have to go.’ He was literally there just for that 3 minutes and 40 seconds and left. … He was like, ‘This is so incredible. I heard everything that I needed. I have to go now.’”

With a version of Act II finally being out in the wild, Jay Electronica fans are more than happy with what did get leaked. Stream the album and see some of the fans’ reactions below.