NLE Choppa has been on a path to a better lifestyle recently, but that hasn’t stopped him from receiving backlash.

On Saturday (September 12), the Memphis rapper told his Twitter followers to stop buying Travis Scott‘s signature burger from McDonald’s due to the restaurant’s unhealthy food. Now, he’s responded to those criticizing his original statement, saying there’s no hate towards La Flame.

“These people say I sound like a hater because I said somebody stopped being some shit that’s not good for them,” he said. “If anything, I sound like a supporter.

“Stop eating McDonald’s, period. That shit is fucked up. That shit ain’t even real food, bruh. You can go on YouTube, look up what you’re eating, real talk. They done found human meat in these foods… meat grinder, bro. I’m just saying fool, I care about y’all. I ain’t even mad, I ain’t pressed, I’m just clearing shit up. I’ve never been no hater bro, I don’t hate on no man.”

Not only is NLE determined to get people to quit eating fast food, but he’s also urging everyone to go sober.

“Put down the alcohol today,” he said. “If you break down the word ‘alcohol’ it’s a demon spirit name called ‘Al-Kuhn’ which stands for ‘Body Eating Spirit’ this extracts the soul essence of entity, which attracts bad energy or negative energy towards you. When you blackout that’s possession.”

He added, “Also kills your immune system.”

The 17-year-old’s latest comments about alcohol follow tweets about choosing a plant-based diet over the weekend.

“Eat healthy man that food y’all eating can fucc with your mental too,” he said. “Put them Travis Scott burgers down go to the farmers market go eat some vegetables. Eat plant-based foods.”

In August, NLE revealed that he was trying to find peace, with meditation helping him get to that place.

“I started meditating,” he told DX. “I found myself again right when all my blessings about to come in, it set me back right on what’s important. “‘Cause at first I was just drained. I was drained, but I feel how drained I was, it kind of benefitted in the music I was making.”

Recent changes to his lifestyle will also be reflected in upcoming songs. On September 5, NLE announced that he’ll no longer be rapping about violence in his music.

“Ion Rap Bout Violence Nomo,” he said. “If You Hear It From Me It’s A Old Song. I Wanna Spread Positivity And Wake People Up. I’ll Still Drop Them For Y’all Tho But Just Know I’m On To Better I’m Tryna grow I Got More To Talk about Now”