NLE Choppa is continuing to preach the message of health is wealth and asked followers not to buy the hype of certain fast foods.

The Memphis native took to Twitter on Saturday (September 11) and urged his followers not only to eat right but tell them that copping Travis Scott’s highly popular meal from McDonald’s wasn’t the way to go health-wise.

“Eat healthy man that food y’all eating can fucc with your mental too,” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet he added, “Put them Travis Scott burgers down go to the farmers market go eat some vegetables eat plant based foods.”

When a fan suggested that plant-based foods were nasty to her, NLE assured her that it was far better than the promotion of McDonald’s and other unhealthy options.

“I promise it’s not love u just use to eating all that grease,” he told the fan. “Detox your body and eat right.”

NLE has been on a path of spiritual righteousness for the past month, encouraging anyone who’ll listen to slow down, practice meditation, eat right and take care of themselves. Since the pandemic began, NLE’s completely switched up his mindstate, even announcing that he was distancing himself from making violent music.

NLE Choppa Tries His Hands At Waterbending After Mastering Fire

The “Shotta Flow” rapper decided to get active with his health on social media, showing off workout videos and keeping his body right. He’s also tried his best to become one with the elements, full Avatar: The Last Airbender style.

He shared a video to social media of his attempt at fire bending and on Tuesday (September 10), he shared his attempt at water bending while meditating.

“Watch the whole thing,” he wrote. “I had my own waves going just off the energy I was giving off meditating. I’m evolving more and more.”

The 17-year-old’s change in thought and constant chase for evolution already earned him a fan in songstress Erykah Badu who simply told NLE, “Come on home son.”