All Chance The Rapper was trying to do was stand up for fellow Chicago rapper Noname who appeared to be the target of J. Cole’s new song “Snow On Tha Bluff” — but now he’s feeling the heat from Twitter, too.

On Wednesday (June 17), Lil Chano referred to the song as “yet another L for men masking patriarchy and gaslighting as constructive criticism” and was quickly met with opposition.

Some questioned where this energy was when Kanye West was shouting “400 years of slavery sounds like a choice” on TMZ Live, while others told him to worry about his own lyrics, noting his 2019 album The Big Day wasn’t exactly his best work.

Par for the course, “Snow On Tha Bluff” has caused an uproar on social media and Twitter is staunchly divided. Chika, who refers to Cole has her “favorite rapper,” blasted the Dreamville founder for his perceived “tone deaf” response to Noname’s criticism of mainstream rappers and their alleged lack of support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt even went as far to call the song “corny.” 

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But many of Cole’s fan don’t see the problem and instead, applaud Cole for speaking his mind. Cole himself responded to the backlash and said he stood by “every word” in the song while encouraging people to follow Noname on social media.

Still, Twitter is still trying to cancel both Cole and Kendrick Lamar for their perceived silence on social justice issues — and Chance isn’t off the hook either.

Check out some of the responses to Chance’s “L” tweet below.