It’s 2007 and despite dominating popular culture, Hip Hop is still continuously being hated on.  Once popular jeans designer, François Girbaud took his stance on Hip Hop while speaking to the New York Observer recently:

“To be just connected in the hip-hop stuff is other brand; there is people like Russell Simmons or Damon Dash or Puff Daddy or all this kind. I’m not the rap people. Sure, we introduced the baggy jeans, we introduced stonewashed and all this stuff in the 60’s or 70’s, I never target just to be ethnic. It’s stupid.”

Has he learned NOTHING from the Cristal fiasco? Apparently not, because the article continues:

“I have to talk like that”–he flashed a gang hand-sign–“and speak like that”–he flashed another gang hand-sign–“and move like that”–he grabbed his crotch–“and it’s ridiculous!” Now he was shouting. “What we bring into the market was always innovative, and I feel now I am trapped and I have to just talk the same way, like I have to have skulls and some kind of snakes. It’s boring, it’s really boring!””

Will the Hip Hop community take great offense to this? We’ll keep you posted.