Kurtis Blow is currently recovering after he was required to undergo an emergency surgery last week. In an Instagram post, the Hip Hop pioneer — real name Kurtis Walker — explained his wife urged him to go to the hospital right away, which proved to be a life-saving decision.

“The Covid 19 virus is crazy but last week I had another emergency surgery,” he explained in the post. “My spleen was bleeding into my stomach. I went to the ER just in time because my wife made me go. I wanted to go in the morning. The surgeon said I was lucky to make it in time. They took out my spleen and saved my life. My spleen had splattered and I was bleeding internally.

“I am in recovery now and I thank God for the great physician and Dr. Jamali. The great surgeon Dr. Schriver and all the nurses and assistants at West Hills Hospital. Thanks to my wife and fam for all your prayers. Thank God for still another chance. 7 operations. A Cat with 9 lives – Amen!!”

The 60-year-old MC survived another potentially fatal incident in 2016 after suffering a heart attack at his home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Department officers Chris Vege, Calvin Hill and Pete Parra responded to what was initially a robbery call at around 9 p.m. local time, but discovered an argument had occurred between Walker and his son. While the three officers spoke to the pair, Blow collapsed.

Kurtis Blow's Wife Reveals He Needs Emergency Open Heart Surgery

Parra said Walker went out several times, but they were able to temporarily revive him with CPR.

Last May, Walker faced another complication when he required open heart surgery. He was able to make a full recovery.