Yella Beezy has linked up with director David H. Nguyen to provide some visuals for his new single “Keep It In The Streets.” The Dallas-based rapper’s black-and-white video features figures from his Oak Cliff neighborhood and urges viewers to never talk to the police.

“Just don’t run to the law,” he says on the track’s intro. “Don’t run to no police, don’t get no man involved.”

“Keep It In The Streets” is Yella’s first release of 2020. The HITCO-signed rapper’s last project, the Baccend Beezy mixtape, dropped in July 2019.

Yella Beezy Sued For Allegedly Beating Down Mo3's Manager

Yella is currently dealing with some legal drama as his rival Mo3’s manager is suing him over an altercation outside of the V Live strip club in Dallas. Brandon Rainwater is seeking $1 million damages after accusing Yella and his crew of a beatdown that resulted in a dislocated hip.

Watch Yella’s “Keep It In The Streets” video above.