Oakland, CA - 

Two Bay Area rap heavyweights are beefing online — and Snoop Dogg isn’t happy about it. Shortly after Richie Rich called out E-40 for labeling him a snitch earlier this week, the D-O-Double-G started playing peacemaker.

On Monday (February 3), Rich decided to put Forty Water on notice, giving him 48 hours to provide proof that backs up his allegation.

“That shit you called me last night,” he said in an Instagram video. “You got 48 hours my nigga to produce some documentation. Real niggas gon’ feel it. You called me a rat. Nigga. So, I’m giving you 48 hours to produce documentation that supports that shit you was talking last night. ‘Cause if not, niggas can’t believe nothing you say.

“You feel me? And real niggas, real bitches gon’ resonate. Street niggas, street bitches, this gon’ resonate. E-40 called Richie Rich a rat last night on Instagram. Based on some shit I said about a football game … Get at me.”

Rich added in the caption, “@e40 u been put on NOTICE u got 48 hrs to produce Documentation about a real East Oakland nigga.”

Snoop, who credits Rich for influencing his rapping style, jumped in the comment section and reminded him they’re role models to countless young people.

“Double. R. Y’all need to holla away from social media we grown now,” he wrote. “i expect more out of both of y’all. We the west the lil homies watching to c how to resolve issues as men I’ll delegate if I must we all we got I love both y’all and want peace.”

Uncle Snoop wasn’t alone in his sentiments. Several West Coast artists expressed their hopes for a resolution, including DJ Fresh (Living Legends tour DJ), Bay Area DJ Dame and Hieroglyphics MC Phesto.