Broward County, FL - 

Cleopatra Bernard, XXXTENTACION’s mother, is being billed by the hospital for the services rendered on her son who was shot and killed in June 2018.

The Blast reports the North Broward Medical Center filed a claim against the slain rapper’s estate in the amount of $10,417.26.

The hospital is insisting the debt should be paid as soon as possible, though Bernard, who runs XXXTENTACION’S estate, has yet to issue a response to the claim. She also is dealing with a lawsuit from the embattled rapper’s former friend and producer Jimmy Duval along with Stache Records who allege they’re owed $1 million.

The suit claims the amount is owed from royalties, contribution, breach of contract/copyright infringement regarding the production, marketing and distribution of the record “Look at Me,” in which the producer asserts he wrote.

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XXXTENTACION was murdered a little over a year ago on June 18, 2018, in what was reported to be a botched robbery, he was grieved throughout the Hip Hop community. A posthumous album SKINS was released in December from the controversial rapper. The LP debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Most recently, a trailer was released for the documentary of the short life of the Broward County native.

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