New York, NY

Remy Ma and Papoose just set the cuteness alarm off with a flurry of videos featuring baby Reminisce MacKenzie Mackie.

In a post to her Instagram account on Wednesday, (May 8) Remy shared her excitement with the growth of 4-month-old Reminisce, or as they call her, “The Golden Child,” writing in part “I HAD to share this with y’all! People think I be exaggerating when I say she’s really #TheGoldenChild.”

“Never in my life have I seen a 4-month-old do what she does. My baby says “hi”; look how she uses the same cadence as me. She also repeats the silly spitting thing her Dad taught her (her favorite thing to do) And when she’s watching her show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she be FOCUSED- hands folded and everything KenzieGirl,” Remy captioned the series of videos.

Having been home with mommy and daddy for nearly four months now, baby Reminisce is truly showing remarkable cognitive progression, which is a blessing considering how many issues the couple went through trying to conceive her.



Last year in January the “SHETHER” rapper revealed that she had experienced a miscarriage whilst initially trying for a child. She also experienced a “tough labor” during the delivery of the baby last December.

Now that Reminisce is here, it looks as though both Remy and Pap are adjusting accordingly to the added, and highly demanding, baby factor. Pap even joked about almost missing a show last month because he “forgot the baby bag at home.”

“I forgot the baby bag at home! Had to go buy pampers last minute. Almost missed the show. My wife held up the set, until I got there. Thanks babe,” Pap wrote on a video of him tearing down.

Check out the videos of the baby above and revisit Papoose and Remy Ma’s “The Golden Child” video in honor of Reminisce.

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