Los Angeles, CA – Darnell Brim, the South Side Compton Crips gang leader connected to Tupac Shakur’s 1996 murder, was reportedly sentenced to 10 years in prison. TMZ reports ATF agents caught Brim attempting to sell crack cocaine.

In 2013, he pled guilty to two felonies, including conspiracy to distribute crack and distribution of crack.

Brim was accused by police as being one of four men who were riding in the Cadillac that pulled up to Suge Knight’s car at the Las Vegas intersection where ‘Pac was shot. Someone riding in the vehicle opened fire, striking Tupac. He died several days later at the University Medical Center.

According to 1996 LAPD records, investigators believed Brim was in the Cadillac that was “used by the suspect(s) who shot Tupac Shakur,” however he was never charged.

Brim was a victim in a Compton drive-by shooting two days after Tupac’s September 7 murder. Cops concluded it was retaliation for ‘Pac’s death.