Los Angeles, CA – With so much Hip Hop music and content to be had these days, there is plenty of runway for all the information to be harnassed in one destination.

Enter RapTV, the latest burgeoning Hip Hop community to bridge everything together.

The platform lives on the Instagram handle of @rap and accompanying YouTube channel in which the likes of Juice WRLD, YBN Namir, and more have participated.

“RapTV is a stepping stone into forming a true community for our fans and followers who want to be engaged in the overall culture of Hip Hop,” Dan Snow, CEO, tells HipHopDX.

“RapTV is a one-stop shop for every different type of rap fan. Ranging from the fan who just wants to keep updated when new music releases, to the fan who wants to be kept in the loop on everything and everyone in the Hip Hop industry, RAPTV will unite all of these people.

Since 2015, the platform has grown to a 4.1 million strong social media following. Check out RapTV on Instagram @rap as well as the official website to check out the action.