Glendale, CA – Kid Cudi invited fans to join him in seeing Jordan Peele’s expectation-breaking new movie, Us.

Us generated over $70 million from its opening weekend, setting a record as the biggest opening weekend for an original horror film.

The film was initially expected to bring in $45 million, tripling its $20 million production budget.

Cudi announced the event Sunday, March 24, on Twitter asking fans to “bring official Cudi merch or any one of my physical albums” to the Pacific Glendale 18 movie theater in Glendale, California.

“U get 1 single adult ticket. Report to the ticket taker between 10:15 and 11pm to meet my boy Bill with your merch/albums,” Cudi wrote, “I got the whole theater so let’s pack it up!!”

Cudi previously spoke highly of the new Jordan Peele film calling it a, “total mind fuck arghhhhh,” insisting that viewers, “MUST see multiple times in theater.”

Naturally, admitted fans erupted when they spotted Cudder walking into the theater, sharing their reactions on social media.