Los Angeles, CA – Symettrica Entertainment producers are crying foul over Universal Music Group‘s move to have their unauthorized Drake documentary Drake: Rewriting the Rules removed from streaming platforms.

UMG delivered notices to the production company asking them to remove Drizzy’s music and some video clips from the doc, according to TMZ. Takedown notices were reportedly sent to Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Symettrica is accusing the music giant of “unlawful efforts to censor free speech through the intentional misuse of copyright law,” interfering with their money and “placating its artist Drake by attempting to suppress any commentary or criticism of Drake.”

The 6 God-focused documentary dropped on VEVO in November. It became available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon in January. After its January release, UMG issued takedown notices to all the aforementioned streaming platforms, which prompted them to yank the doc.

In the suit, Symettrica claims fair use of Drake’s music and wants the courts to co-sign. They are also suing UMG for damages.