Anyone who caught last Sunday’s (January 6) episode of Bob’s Burgers might have noticed something special about the closing credits. As the episode came to an end, a Hip Hop beat started to play accompanied by DJ Qbert’s superior scratching skills.

The Invisibl Skratch Piklz turntablist welcomed the opportunity and was thrilled a massive network like FOX was open to having one of Hip Hop’s essential elements included on the popular animated cartoon.

“One of the show’s producers just called me outta nowhere and asked if I could scratch on a Hip Hop beat for the credits ’cause every show has a different genre of music for the end credits,” Qbert tells HipHopDX. “I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ Made it in my home studio real quick. It was easy stuff.

“Lots of great reasons for being on there,” he says. “It was super fun. Some people don’t even know there’s a huge underground scene of scratchers worldwide that do this for life. It’s a lot of people’s first time to even hear what scratching is, so I’m glad some real Hip Hop is on a big network like FOX and dang, what a great show to be on.”

Qbert has been working tirelessly. Last year, he reunited with Kool Keith and Dan The Automator to drop a new Dr. Octagon album, Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Horripilation, the group’s follow-up to 2006’s The Return of Dr. Octagon. 

After appearing in a recent video for Egyptian Lover’s “Beyond The Galaxy” cut, the DMC World Champion is back to working on his Wave Twisters Zero: The Origins series, which serves as a prequel to 1998’s Wave Twisters. 

Find Qbert’s latest singles via the Thud Rumble website and check out the Bob’s Burgers episode here.