Miami, FL – Lil Pump was bound for Los Angeles until TSA allegedly discovered drugs in his luggage. According to TMZ, Pump was leaving Miami on Thursday (December 13) when a flight attendant was forced to remove Pump and his entourage from the flight.

Police were reportedly waiting for him at the terminal so they could question him about a “significant amount” of drugs found inside a checked bag with his name on it.

Pump has had numerous legal troubles over the past 12 months. The 18-year-old Florida native, who is currently on probation, was arrested in August for driving around Miami without a valid driver’s license.

The “Gucci Gang” architect was also detained by Denmark authorities for marijuana possession earlier this month.

While police were taking him to the station, Pump made an inappropriate gesture behind the cops’ backs, which likely led to the group’s 24-hour hold. They were promptly asked to leave the country.

As Pump’s legal issues continue to mount, he still hasn’t released his Harverd Dropout album. He was originally planning to drop the project in September.