In 2017, Ja Rule and a man named Billy McFarland went into business together to produce what was supposed to be a luxury music experience called Fyre Festival and failed miserably.

Now, Netflix has acquired a documentary about the fascinating events that unfolded back in April of 2017 when wealthy concertgoers were met with struggle tents and cheese sandwiches upon arrival, instead of resort-style accommodations as advertised. News of this spread quickly.

The festival was originally promoted using the face of popular social media influencers and models, such as Chanel Iman and Kendall Jenner, to lure in potential investors and ticket buyers. Those who jet-setted to hit the Bahamas for the fest soon discovered they were sold a wolf ticket.

Once word got around about how disastrous Fyre Festival had become, Ja Rule quickly made an attempt to distance himself from Billy, who was recently sentenced to six years in prison for wire fraud in October.

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Billy and Ja were also hit with multiple lawsuits, including a $100 million class-action lawsuit led by Attorney Mark Geragos.

The Fyre Festival documentary is scheduled for release on Netflix on January 18, 2019.

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