Roughly two weeks after Lil Xan claimed he was planning to get help with his drug addiction, Xan has made good on his promise to check himself into rehab. On Sunday (December 2), his current girlfriend Annie left a note for his fans on Instagram.

“Diego was just admitted into his first treatment,” the post reads. “He loves each and every one of you sending good wishes and prayers to him. We thank you all so very much for all the love and support you are sending his way. He will be back soon, with another top 10 album. we love you all xanarchy family.”

In the wake of Mac Miller’s overdose death, Xan was seemingly struggling with his own substance abuse issues. He canceled multiple tour dates to finish his next project Be Safe, which he says are the last words Miller spoke to him.

Be Safe was initially expected to arrive on December 3 but with Xan in a rehab facility, it’s unclear when the album will actually surface.

[This article has been updated. The original version was published on November 15, 2018 and can be found below.]

Lil Xan is heading to rehab. In a new Instagram post, the 22-year-old revealed he was checking in next week to confront his drug addiction head-on — and he’s looking forward to it.

“I just dropped out of SoundCloud Uni to go to rehab,” he wrote. “I leave in like 5 days And I couldn’t be happier with this choice. I love you guys for being so supportive and can’t wait to get back clean headed ready to Finish my album!”

Mac Miller’s death — which was attributed to a lethal combination of cocaine and fentanyl — seems to have greatly impacted Xan on a personal level. He dedicated his upcoming album, Be Safe, to the late Pittsburgh artist. “Be safe” were the last words Miller spoke to Xan.

If his rap moniker isn’t enough, there were other red flags pointing to his substance abuse issues. In September, he was taken to the hospital after he suspiciously “overdosed” on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Today (November 15) marks the one-year anniversary of Lil Peep’s death. The 21-year-old also passed away from a drug overdose. It’s become common in not only the Hip Hop space but also throughout the world.

Be Safe is expected to arrive on December 3 but it’s unclear if his rehab stint will throw a wrench in those plans.