Maryland MC .idk has launched a six-part video series featuring music from his debut album, IWASVERYBAD. On Tuesday (October 16), the 26-year-old released the first episode, which begins with a dove flying through the air as voicemails play in the background.

The recordings consist of messages to his late mother from various educators who are letting Mrs. Lynch know her son is in trouble — again.

Throughout the 15-minute visual, several different scenes take place. From a crowded school bus and a police raid to inside a wild, estrogen-fueled house party, the music aligns perfectly with whatever is going on in the film.

IWASVERYBAD was released in October 2017 on Adult Swim’s record label. In an interview with HipHopDX earlier this year, .idk explained how his mother’s passing really impacted the album. In fact, the cover art for IWASVERYBAD also depicts a dove, which is intended to symbolize his mother.

“I was kinda just figuring things out and trying to understanding myself when I was working on it,” he said. “I was in … I don’t wanna say a dark place, but not a bright place. I had just lost my mom and had a feeling that felt like a cloud over your head that you can’t get rid of. Even if it’s like a bright day, it feels like something is wrong. You know what I mean?

“So, that’s kinda how the music was starting to feel. Everything was either aggression or just kind of gloomy to an extent.”

.idk plans to roll out the short in five more individual episodes via his YouTube page every day this week. 

Watch the first one up top.