Nassau, New Providence

As Mass Appeal continues to power through with its Hip Hop Turns 45 celebration, N.O.R.E. has stepped in the arena (no Gang Starr) to rattle off his top five Hip Hop songs of all time.

It should come as no surprise the Lefrak legend’s pick of the litter is unanimously East Coast songs. The kicker: They’re all storytelling records; one of the biggest outliers that make Hip Hop music unique and undeniable.

While the Drink Champ had trouble remembering the exact title of the Grand Daddy I.U. that anchored out his list, he was referencing the 1990 album cut, “Girl in the Mall,” that chronicled the Queens O.G. getting his mack on in vivid detail.



From there, N.O.R.E. gave ultimate props to one of Slick Rick’s most revered recordings, Nas’ personification perfection heard on “I Gave You Power,” and even his own Goodfellas-inspired narrative, “Body in the Trunk” (which also features Nas).

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I had the Queens hoodie on with the blood on my sleeve/Gave that nigga one offer he could take or he leave…”

Check out N.O.R.E.’s full explanations via the video above. 5E is also streaming if you’re not totally trying to live in the past today.



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