With the average retirement age for NBA players resting somewhere around 34-years-old, rapper Ice Cube has found a way to summon the NBA’s retired talent.

The legendary rapper-turned-actor serves as co-founder of the BIG3 Basketball League. Founded in 2017, the league consists mostly of retired NBA players. During games, players take part in 3-on-3 games using only the half-court.

Ice Cube recently chopped it up with CBS News about the league, which he personally expressed his gratefulness for.

“That’s one of the best parts,” Ice Cube said when asked about giving retired players the chance to play again. “All of the ‘thanks yous’ I get from guys who have said ‘Man, I was lost. I was looking for something to do.’ Just imagine. You’re 34, 33 [and] somebody tells you ‘It’s over. You can’t do what you do anymore.’ Basically, beat it. So, if you kept your game up, we have a place for you. And that’s a great feeling.”

Much love and respect to JD and Da Brat for coming out to @thebig3 in Atlanta

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Playoffs for the BIG3 are scheduled to take place on August 17, with the championship game scheduled for August 24.

During his conversation with CBS News, Cube also spoke on the added work that comes with being a black man in the entertainment industry.

“A setback is nothing but a setup for a comeback…Doubted all the time. As far as things I want to do in entertainment,” he said. “You still always gotta convince people that you’re at the top of your game. Just being black, I’mma have a chip on my shoulder about being successful because I know I gotta do the extra things. Go the extra miles. Gotta make sure that it’s extra perfect. To get what I deserve.”