Los Angeles, CA – The Game has shared another social media post dedicated to XXXTENTACION, following the 20-year-old rapper’s death on June 18.

The Compton OG revealed to his Instagram following that X’s murder had been weighing on his brain for nearly two weeks now. The Game also spoke on a newfound obligation to stand up for the younger generation of artists.

In addition to sharing a photo of XXXTENTACION, The Game provided this message:

“For some reason, he been heavy on my heart since the day he died. Don’t know what exactly my heart is trying to convey but I definitely feel an obligation to protect this new generation of artist. In studio thinkin bout all y’all… be creative, live life, have fun, enjoy your moment & try your hardest to bob & weave thru the madness. Fuck whoever don’t understand….. hip hop takes on all shapes & forms as it continuously evolves & I love its current state. Take advantage of every second while living out your dream.”

On the day of XXXTENTACION’s death, The Game uploaded a similar post to Instagram. He specifically touched on X losing his life at such a young age and declared that the rapper “was a lot more talented than most knew.”

Murdered at 20 years old. So young. His untimely death truly saddens me & I’ve never met him. Though listening to his music told me a lot about him. At times he seemed very depressed & confused about life as we all are (were) at a young age… other times he was very happy & an open book for his fans. That to me has always been the way of a true hip hop artist. He was a lot more talented than most knew from the music he leaves behind & there’s no doubt in my mind that he would’ve grown both musically & mentally from the few changes I’ve watch him make just over social media… He was very talented & could literally go in any direction on a beat & hold his own. More than not he talked about his death.. “If I die” “when I die” a lot but we’re all guilty of that as artists in some way shape or form & we as people are not anyone’s judge. We’re all down here under God living & learning everyday & none of us is or will ever be perfect. Our IMPERFECTIONS are what makes us beautiful. He made mistakes & was man enough at his young age to acknowledge, accept blame & try to change & offer his fans alternate solutions knowing that they too could be in need of guidance. That is what I respect. I pray for this new generation full of talented artist & kids alike. No matter the age difference or gap, we must understand that we are all on earth TOGETHER trying to enjoy life at whatever capacity that brings us joy. Yet & still, we are only HUMAN….. & this situation alone is saddening. A young man, both very wise & sometimes normally confused is taken away from his family, friends & fans before his life can run its full course. It’s like fuck…. As soon as you think life is okay, tragedy again plagues an already dark world. Take it day by day young world. The MASS AGENDA wants as many of us to die as young as possible so they can make money off your funeral & burial before it costs them to implement additional learning tools to ensure your education & survival. I love all of you & I UNDERSTAND you’re just trying to figure yourself out. WE ALL ARE #RestInParadise #XXX

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Meanwhile, the estate of the slain XXXTENTACION has been working overtime, having just released the video for the Spotify record-breaking and Billboard 100 chart-topping “SAD!” earlier today (June 28).