New York, NY – Brooklyn’s own Manolo Rose has always been unyielding in his approach to paying homage in the New York Hip Hop he was born and raised on.

And the official music video for his new single, “I Get Money,” finds the Roc Nation artist going half-Nino Brown, half-Frank White thanks to New Jack City and King Of New York inspiration helmed by director Nimi Hendrix.

“I used New Jack City and King of New York movie themes as references because I feel like it doesn’t get any more New York than those two movies,” Manolo says of the video. “You can see the New Jack City perspective just in the overview of The Carter. You can see the Jimmy Jump reference from the style and attitude of the video. BBS ON DA Cherry red BMW gives the money making Rich Mitch vibe from the movie Paid In Full. This is my way of showing how my city looks when it’s at its best.”

See how well he and team did by watching the “I Get Money” video up above.

While the video encompasses a full-blown 1990s aesthetic, the song’s foundation is built off of The O’Jay’s 1970s triumph, “For the Love of Money.” (Go ask your parents about that one.)