In the latest installment of Soulful Sundays, HipHopDX’s Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark chats with MC extraordinaire Royce Da 5’9 at Comfort LA in downtown Los Angeles.

Relishing in the release of his most personal album to date, Book Of Ryan, Nickel Nine discusses the degradation of bars, his relationship with J. Cole, KXNG Crooked’s departure from Slaughterhouse and more.

Clark started the interview asking Royce about his thoughts on being one of the best technical rappers out there.

“I wouldn’t argue it,” Royce says. “I mean, I’m a humble guy. When I get in the booth [though], mentally, I feel like I can move a mountain … like, I can’t be touched.”

He further states the idea of being the best MC is still important to him.

“A lot of people pushing the agenda of not worrying about being a lyricist are people who aren’t capable of being lyricists,” he points out. “They’re controlling the narrative as much as they can.”

J. Cole appears on “Boblo Boat” from the Book Of Ryan LP, and Royce was quick to offer praise to the KOD rapper when asked by Clark about their relationship.

“I admire Cole … He inspires me in every way,” Royce says. “He’s one of those guys who makes you feel like it’s ok to step away. Us [older cats] can rest easy knowing the game is left in his hands.”

He also notes that Book Of Ryan, his most robust body of work, took five years to record.

“I didn’t want to come right out the gate with such a personal album … there were pieces that I was looking for the album,” he explains. “I didn’t know what they were, but I knew I would know them when I heard them.”

During the conversation, Clark made a point to ask Royce if Slaughterhouse had already broken up before Crooked’s recent announcement that he would be leaving the supergroup.

“Nope,” he replied with a laugh. But, he was quick to offer his support, noting that above all they’re all family. “I support him in anything he chooses to do.”

The group isn’t something any member can force, which is likely why they have been so collectively inactive in recent years.

“Like, it’s one of those organic situations … one of those rare organic situations that you get the most out of it when you are just letting things happen how they’re supposed to happen,” he says. “When you start forcing it, you don’t get the same results as you would normally get.”

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