In the latest installment of Soulful Sundays, HipHopDX’s Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark chats with Hopsin over some mouth-watering eats at Comfort LA in downtown Los Angeles.

Fresh off his European tour — and four months removed from his first post-Funk Volume LP, No Shame — Hopsin discusses life after the now-defunct label, learning to work with others, his appeal to white audiences and his (brief) cameo in Criminal Minds.

“I never saw the episode, but I remember when I did it,” Hopsin says of extra work on Criminal Minds. “I made my $100 a day and was out of there … a lot of my fans have found it, too.”

When asked by Clark about him standing out by doing seemingly “non-black rapper things,” Hop laughed it off.

“I’m just me … I don’t want to be tied down to the idea of what I’m supposed to be or what everybody else is doing,” he notes. “I love cartoons, I love skateboarding, I love drawing, and I love adventures.”

Hopsin also discussed plans to do a lot more collaborations in 2018, which — for him — is a big deal.

“I’ve been uncomfortable … I couldn’t break out of my shell [to the point] where I was able to work with people,” he says, noting it’s been holding him back. “I’m learning how to be creative with others.”

When it comes to his former label, he’s quick to uphold his integrity in the situation.

“I know in my heart that I did the best I could do to keep Funk Volume alive and keep everyone together,” he explains. “It sucks the way that it ended. I loved [the label] … it was mine before it was anybody else’s.”

He also left open the possibility of a Love & Hip Hop-esque reunion, adding that he’s willing to candidly discuss the situation with everyone involved.

“They all know what happened,” he says.

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